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Lots of Old School rides here, hotrods, kustoms, chops, race cars, we like em!
Projects from today, yesterday and some to be started tomorrow

Crunch's 40 Mercury Elivra just before it got painted black, see more photos in the current project section

40 Mercury click to see more pictures
Check out more photos of this 40 Mercury diaster!

Johnny Zaro Mercury left overs Johnny Zaro Mercury left overs
This is an old Barris built kustom 1940 mercury
being brought back to life at Old School Hotrods
Started life as the Johnny Zaro Mercury Left Overs

Johnny Zaro Mercury left overs

Larry built this 32 truck in 1959
Chopped, Channeled, Dropped, lots of carbs and plenty of cool.

Jimmy likes Model A's, Jimmy likes Junk, Angelika the hotrod-to-be was burnt in a "small fire, there's a picture of it in the runners section"

Jimmy's next coupe project, Guinevere a 1934 Three Window, another fine start to a hotrod"


Crusty the 57 chevy dragging back a 50 baby lincoln soon to be Mercury project

1953 Stud built in 1964 in 30 days, "slightly" modified

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